With this assistoscope will you be able to work with 4 hands.

3 junctions can be adjusted in every direction.

The new Assistoscope will change the way you practice! Just like your microscope did!

Advantages of the Assistoscope:


1)      Improved visibility: The assistant can now see what the dentist sees and therefore assist microscopically during various procedures. Procedures like proximal restorations, instrument retrieval and Micro-surgery which require targeted air and suction can be done with increased precision.


2)      Improved ergonomics and efficiency: The Assistoscope helps the assistant to maintain correct posture and increases efficiency. Because they are able to see what the Dentist sees, they are able to assist more effectively. The improved ergonomics decreases postural problems for assistants.


3)      Better employee retention: An Assistoscope opens up a whole new world for the Assistant and makes the job interesting every day. Instead of just holding the suction and wondering what the doctor is doing, they can now be “in the field” and be a true part of the team. The upright posture minimizes chances of trained assistants leaving the practice because of postural problems.




The Assistoscope helps in all stages of Micro-Endodontics.


Some examples:


1)      Examination: The assistant can help retract soft tissue, control saliva and keep the mirror clean. To aid in photography during the examination, the assistant can efficiently place the suction at a strategic position to keep the mirror fog-free.


2)      Anaesthesia: The assistant can perform better Tissue retraction and mirror de-fogging for needle positioning. The assistoscope makes it easier to do visualize and perform Immediate suctioning of small drops of anaesthetic solution that back-flows from the injection site. This prevents anaesthetic solution from flowing to the patient’s tongue or throat.


3)      Access cavity preparation: Better use of Stropko to keep the mirror clean during access cavity Preparation. Better control of water from irrigation needle when working without water from the hand-piece. Better suctioning of blood from pulp chamber.


4)      Cleaning and shaping: Better suctioning of irrigating solution


5)      Restorative: Better suctioning of gingival fluid and blood from gingiva when restoring proximal cavities. The assistant can use micro-suction more effectively in proximal cavities.


6)      Re-treatment Endodontics: Better use of Stropko and micro-suction when working deep in the canal. Assistant can visualize and remove dry debris that results from dry ultrasonics usage.


7)      Surgery: Assistant can visualize peripheral bleeding and thereby suction blood more effectively. Better visualization of soft tissue minimizes trauma due to inadvertent pressure. Every step in surgery is made more efficient with the assistant using an Assistoscope.