Stella OPH microscope with floor mount

Stella provides ophthalmologists with a waterproof foot control (10-way) that will effortlessly drive X, Y, and Z motors alongside magnification change and light intensity adjustment functions. Conveniently housed in the arm system is an IR and UV safe LED (5700 kelvin) that will provide cool, crisp white illumination for more comfortable, accurate and safe practice. Unlike other cylindrical columns, Stella’s novel triangular column system will pivot with the arm, distributing weight more evenly while maintaining a near-perfect centre of gravity for vibration-free operation. With Stella’s standard F=200mm objective lens, the working distance is optimized for vitreoretinal surgery with fantastic depth of field. An F=175mm optional objective and wide-field eyepieces with superior eye relief make the system ideal for vitreoretinal procedures.


Select between daylight, blue barrier (yellow filter), fluorescein excitation (cobalt blue), vascular identification (green filter), anti-glare (two spot diaphragm) and retinal protection interoperative viewing modes. Co-axial red reflex can also be engaged with the flip of a switch, ensuring consistent and optimal image contrast for cataract surgery.


Magnification change is easily achieved thanks to an intuitive foot control function, enabling quick toggling. Stella’s EZtilt tilting carrier articulates the microscope ± 180° on axis, enabling a change in transmitted light angle to improve patient comfort.

Stella’s new floor stand concept totally eliminates vibration, is so well balanced, and is a breeze to move around.




  • Stella OPH microscope with an intelligent LED illumination system
  • Stand: Robust, vibration free stand on cross base with four lockable castors 
  • Observation tubes: Standard: 0-210° Binocular tilt able head F=140mm configured with Double beam splitter & Double Iris attachment for depth of field management
  • Stereo Base: 24mm 
  • IPD Range: 49-78mm
  • Eyepieces: Standard: WF 10X/18mm with eye guards (optional: WF 12.5X/18mm with eye guards)
  • Dioptre Adjustment: ±7mm 
  • Magnichanger: MaxLite coated, Apochromatic, motorized stepper zoom system (Tiltable and auto locked at any position) Motorized 5 steps: 0.4X, 0.6X, 1.0X, 1.6X, 2.5X)
  • Objective: Standard: f=200mm, Optional: f=175mm 
  • FOV diameter: 64.30mm–10.30mm 
  • Magnification Range: 2.80X–17.50X 
  • Illumination field diameter: 55mm 
  • Fine focus: Range 40mm, motorized noise free 
  • XY Travel: 50 X 50mm with auto reset 
  • Light source: UV & IR free 50W LED 
  • LUX: 60K 
  • Maximum Wattage: 200Watts 
  • Colortemperature: 5700k 
  • Built-in filters: Flip in/out blue blocking (yellow), Green & Blue filter 
  • Optional accessories: Assistant binocular attachment, Proline range of camera adapters, Smart phone adapters 
  • Swivel Arm: 470mm
  • Suspension Arm: 1000mm 
  • Swivel Arm rotation: ±180º 
  • Suspension Arm rotational: ±180º 
  • X-Y rotation: 270º
  • Vertical movement of suspension arm: ±300mm
  • Foot Switch: 10 function wired foot switch for xyz, magnichanger & intensity control
  • Maximum extension arm: 1620mm
  • Max. Suspension load: 12kg
  • Base diameter: 850mm
  • Base & column weight: 170kg
  • Arm Weight: 24.5kg
  • X-Y, magnichanger, head weight: 8.7kg
  • Total height: 1880mm

> Stella OPH microscope with floor mount
> Objective CMO 200 mm
> Tools for securing base and pillar
> Sterilizable knob covers
> Nylon dust cover