The Power of Zoom – Magna Microscope with floor mount and NuVar 20, Premium

The Labomed® Magna dental microscope brings to your practice the power of crystal clear visualization in a compact, ergonomic design. The system features an Automatic Balancing Arm (ABA) that gives users 360 degrees of freedom in positioning the microscope. A highly responsive apochromatic zoom system ensures ease in landing on the ideal magnification. 

A brilliantly designed electromagnetic brake system provides ultimate flexibility in microscope positioning. Left/right handles each with their own brake-release buttons extend versatility. Holding down either button allows the microscope to move with ease. Upon release, the microscope locks and balances in place. 


Apochromatic premium optics are packaged in a convenient zoom system to provide a continuous range of magnifications. The NuVar™ variable working distance objective (f300-f400mm) comes standard. Proprietary MaxLite™ coatings promise reflection-free, durable optics, ensuring the highest fidelity resolution.


A super bright LED provides shadow-free light with a natural daylight temperature (over 105,000 Lux) for up to 60,000 hours. For digital documentation needs, a host of digital SLR, video camera, and CCD adapters are available with the ProLine™.

Microscope Specifications

  • Magna microscope with a super bright and long lasting LED illumination system

  • Mounting system: floor mount

  • Suspension arm: 1100 mm

  • Magnichanger: Galilean Zoom 1:6, convertible to 8 step magnichanger, 0.4-2.5X

  • Viewing bodies: 0-210° tilting head with Rotoplate, DBSi (inclined double beam splitter), Double Iris and DSLR Adapter, IPD range 50-75 mm

  • Objective: NuVar 20 with variable focal length adjustment from 200-400 mm with fine focus mechanism

  • Eyepieces: WF 10X/18 mm lockable eyepieces, one with resolution markup to assist in diopter adjustment

  • Observation head: ABA system with ergo head

  • Microscope carriers: ABA (Automatic Balancing Arm) with electromagnetic release for easy, drift free positioning

  • Illumination: fiber optic illumination 50W LED, up to 60,000 hours of LED lamp lifetime, 105,000 Lux

  • Input: AC 115-240V, 50/60Hz

  • Filter: yellow and green filter with a filter holder

  • Vertical movement of arm: ± 250 mm, power saving feature with light cut-off in park position

  • Fuse: quick-acting fuse 1.0 Amp

  • Standard accessories: dust cover for microscope observation head and illumination box


> Magna microscope floor mount
> Objective NuVar 20
> Tools for securing base and pillar
> Sterilizable knob covers
> Nylon dust cover